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Mini caddy Mini caddy 75 000 BTU (21.6 kW) Wood only, Wood-Electric or Wood Add-on combination Furnace. Starting at $2,999*
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Caddy Caddy 140 000 BTU (41 kW) Wood only, Wood-Electric, Wood-Oil or Wood Add-on combination Furnace. Starting at $3,599*
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Max caddy Max caddy 180 000 BTU (53 kW) Wood only, Wood-Electric, Wood-Oil, or Wood-Oil-Electric combination Furnace. Starting at $4,199*
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Caddy alterna Caddy alterna< 120 000 BTU (36 kW) Pellet or Pellet-Electric combination Furnace. Starting at $5,799*
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* Wood or Pellet Furnace only. Consult your dealer for a price that includes more options. Taxes, freight, installation and ducts not included.
The Caddy Furnaces' advantages
Clean <br/>burning Clean
The wood-heating industry has evolved. The vast majority of appliances sold on the market now meet the particles emissions limits set by the US Environmental Protection Agency, better known as EPA, as well as the Canadian standard CSA B415. For example, EPA limits emissions of certified wood heating appliances to no more than 7.5 grams per hour. In comparison, older conventional wood appliances average more than 40 grams per hour.
Numerous countries, provinces and municipalities, have adopted laws that regulate the sale of wood-heating appliances that do not meet the latest standards in terms of particles emissions. Among them, we can name the United States, Australia, New Zealand, as well as numerous countries that are part of the European Union. In Canada, British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland have also introduced laws regulating the sale of wood-heating appliances.
Fuel <br/>economy Fuel
The reduction in fuelwood consumption reaches up to 33% when advanced wood combustion systems are used. This is because EPA or CSA B415 certified wood appliances are 60% to 80% efficient, compared with 40% to 60% for conventional units.
Also, pellet stoves offer a dramatic improvement in the convenience of heating with solid fuel. Wood pellets are handled in bags and are therefore easily and cleanly stored. A single loading of pellet can provide long hours of warmth. The heat provided is even and constant, due to the auto fuel feed responding to owner settings.
Fuel <br/>flexibility Fuel
PSG is synonymous with flexibility. Our furnaces are designed to provide wood or pellet central heating with the added option of an electric element or oil unit, which automatically comes on if the furnace runs out of wood or pellets. And you'll never again be dependent on a single source of energy to guarantee the comfort and safety of your family.
If you already have a forced air central heating system that uses oil, gas, or electricity and you want the flexibility of using wood with it, the PSG EPA Add-on furnaces are the ideal choice.
Controlled by a thermostat Controlled by a thermostat
All PSG furnaces are controlled by a wall thermostat that gives you the exact comfort level you want for your home and all the protection you need from winter's icy blasts! Whether you're there or not to add fuel, you'll enjoy comfortable central heating without interruption.
The combination model uses two thermostats which must be located at the same height from the floor. When the main thermostat calls for heat and the demand cannot be satisfied by the furnace with wood or pellet as a combustible, the option (oil burner or electric unit) will take over and maintain the house at the temperature programmed on the second thermostat (option).